Water Quality

Water Quality Issues

Are you concerned about the quality of your water supply at home? Do you regularly buy water bottles or use delivery services to avoid drinking from your tap? Talk to one of our specialists at (909) 684-1915. Our team at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. is trained to address all your water quality issues in Fontana, CA.

What types of quality problems can you find in your home or business’ water supply? Most boil down to these four categories.

Biological Contaminants

Petri Dish Yellow

Remove Harmful Organisms from Your Drinking Water with Treatment.

Most microorganisms in drinking water are harmless or even beneficial to your health. However, biological contaminants, such as certain germs, bacteria, and viruses, can be detrimental to your water supply. Guarding against these impurities is a critical part of water safety, but not every homeowner takes steps to fight them.

Chemical Buildup

Toxic chemicals are usually at the top of the list of “Things I Don’t Want in My Water.” Some of the most common chemicals found in water include fluoride, chlorine residue, and sulfates (which smell like rotten eggs). All of these chemicals can be neutralized with proper treatment and filtration. If you are finding residue in the sink or own your dishes and silverware, make sure to contact a water treatment specialist.

Dirt and Organic Matter

Sink with Silt and Sand

Dirt and Mineral Deposits Can Seep into Your Pipes and Contaminate Water.

Dirt and clay can leave your water with a grainy composition. Other matter, like colloidal iron or algae, can leave unattractive stains in your sink and bathtub. In some nasty cases, acid from rotting vegetation can seep into a system and turn the water yellow. We recommend you call one of our experienced plumbers to examine your pipes and prescribe the necessary water filtration.


Not every contaminant found in your water is toxic, but some are just plain gross! When minerals begin to clog pipes, they can create a strong taste and residue in your water system. While minerals aren’t necessarily harmful to your health, you’ll want to get your pipes checked before they burst.

With a quick consultation, our specialists can help you diagnose any contamination inside your water supply. For all water quality issues in Fontana, CA, call us at (909) 684-1915 for courteous and experienced service.