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Facing plumbing troubles? The wisest move is to call in a seasoned professional for help. If you’re on the lookout for top-tier plumbing expertise in Fontana, CA, A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. has got you covered. Our team is armed with the experience to tackle any plumbing challenge, ensuring every job is done right, whether at your home or business. We’re versatile, working across all brands and settings. Below, you’ll find a glimpse into the services we offer. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to us at (909) 684-1915. Our range of services is broad, and we’re here to meet your specific needs.

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Water Line Services

In the list of plumbing essentials, your main water line claims a top spot. Like everything else, it will encounter aging issues over time. The water service line is the lifeline that connects your property to the municipal water supply, ensuring a steady flow into your home or business. Any leaks or damage here can quickly turn costly. It’s vital to understand the role of your water service line to maintain a reliable water supply and prevent possible damages.

The responsibility for the water service line can vary; it might be yours or the local utility company’s. The lifespan of your main water line depends on the material—it could be anywhere from 40 to 100 years. But keeping track of its age can be tricky. Look out for signs like unexplained puddles indicating a leak, or a sudden spike in your water bill, which could suggest a hidden leak. Discolored water might also signal that dirt or rust has infiltrated your main line.

Addressing these issues starts with identifying the leak’s source and shutting off the water supply. The next steps involve removing the damaged pipe section and replacing it with a new one, using the right materials for longevity. When in doubt, consulting a professional ensures the repair is conducted properly, averting further damage and inconvenience.

For those in Fontana, CA, considering a water line inspection is a smart investment. Early detection of line issues can save you from steep repair bills down the line. Repair costs vary based on several factors, including pipe size, location, and the extent of the damage, making it crucial to address problems promptly to avoid a major financial headache.


Backflow prevention Service:

Backflow happens when tainted water flows backward into our clean water pipes. This reverse flow can bring pollutants, chemicals, and other dangerous substances into our drinking water, creating serious health hazards and possibly causing widespread disease and environmental harm.

The Role of Backflow Prevention

Backflow preventers are vital in fighting these hazards. These cleverly designed devices shut a valve automatically if water starts to flow the wrong way, keeping our clean water safe until the pressure normalizes. The significance of preventing backflow is massive. It ensures that:

      • Water remains uncontaminated, reducing the risk of fire in suppression systems,
      • Preventing diseases and safeguarding communities,
      • Dodging expensive future repairs, and
      • Fulfilling local plumbing codes.

Different backflow preventers are made for various risks and uses, covering all bases to manage backflow effectively.

Testing and Repair

It’s critical to test for backflow regularly to spot any contaminants in our water and check if the backflow device is working right. A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. provides thorough testing and repair, offering reassurance that our water is safeguarded against contamination. This forward-thinking strategy helps catch and fix problems early, keeping the backflow prevention system reliable and effective.

Professional Repairmen

Installing a backflow preventer is a crucial step for homes and businesses alike to prevent contaminated water from mixing with clean water. With professional installation by A O Dowd Plumbing Inc., you can trust that the device is set up correctly and securely.


Hydro jetting service:

If you’ve been in your home for some time and keep running into the same old clog issues, it’s time to consider hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is a powerful cleaning technique that uses high-pressure water streams to scrub the insides of your plumbing pipes clean.

This method is a game-changer for removing buildup like scale, grease, and other gunk that’s been hanging out in your pipes for too long. It’s a definite upgrade from traditional methods like rodding, where a plumber might use a tool to punch through the buildup. Hydro jetting doesn’t just poke a hole through the debris; it completely cleans out the pipes.

Why not just grab some liquid drain cleaner or a drain snake? Well, those options might seem like a quick fix, but they often fall short. They might puncture through the clog, but they don’t remove it, setting you up for future blockages. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, doesn’t just make a hole in the clog; it demolishes it, flushing it away completely. This leaves your drains cleaner for much longer.

Traditional clog-busting methods can also be messy. They might clear a path through the drain, but they leave behind big chunks of debris that can get caught further down the line, leading to more clogs. Hydro jetting slices through the clog into tiny, manageable pieces that wash away easily, preventing them from sticking to the pipe walls. Plus, the high-pressure water is incredibly effective at stripping away grease and oil, which are often the culprits behind clogs.

One of the best parts? After hydro jetting obliterates the blockage and cleans your drain, there’s no nasty cleanup needed. It’s a clean, efficient, and thorough method to ensure your drains stay clear longer. So, if you’re tired of battling the same drain issues, it might be time to give hydro jetting a try, and who better to call than professionals such as A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. to get the best value service.


Pressure tank installation service:

Your pressure tank is more than just a water storage unit! It’s a key player in your home’s water system, working alongside your well pump and pressure switch to ensure a steady flow of water. By using compressed air, the pressure tank efficiently moves water from storage into your pipes, ready for everyday use.

A top-notch pressure tank not only preserves your well pump’s lifespan by minimizing the pump motor’s need to kick in but also keeps your home’s water pressure consistent. If the pressure dips, the tank steps in to bring things back to normal. Choosing the right pressure tank involves considering how many water outlets you have and your well pump’s gallons per minute (GPM) rate. An expert plumber can guide you in selecting the perfect tank for your setup.

When Your Pressure Tank Signals Trouble

Noticing your pump’s motor turning on and off more than it should? This might point to issues with your pressure tank. Let’s look at common troubles:

    • Weakened Air Charge: Your tank needs the right air pressure to work its magic. Without enough compressed air, your system struggles to send water throughout your home efficiently. You can check the tank’s psi level against the cut-in pressure, but if adjusting air pressure isn’t your cup of tea, a plumber’s help is invaluable.
    • Waterlogged Tank: Over time, sediments or too much chlorine can harm your tank’s bladder, leading to water overload. This, along with potential rust from chemicals and moisture, can compromise your tank’s performance. If you’re concerned about water quality affecting your tank, discussing a water softener option with a specialist could be a smart move.
    • Leakage from the Air Valve: Discovering water leaking from the tank’s air valve is a clear sign that the bladder has ruptured, necessitating a replacement of the entire tank. Although it may be possible to continue drawing water from a tank with a damaged bladder temporarily, the situation will deteriorate as the bladder obstructs the water inlet, rendering the tank inoperative.

Installing a pressure tank is about ensuring your home enjoys a reliable water supply, protecting your well pump, and maintaining optimal water pressure. With the right tank in place, you’re setting the stage for efficient, hassle-free water delivery to your household.


Re-piping service:

No fortress is impervious to the sands of time, and your home’s piping system is no exception. Especially older homes, which face the challenges of aging pipes more acutely. Factors like high mineral content in water or incorrect pressure settings can speed up the decline of your pipes. Spotting the signs of wear, such as corrosion or general aging, early on is crucial. If left unattended, you might find yourself dealing with significant leaks or, worse, rust contaminating your home’s water supply. Having one of our seasoned plumbers assess your pipes can give you the clarity you need on whether repiping is the call to make.

The Repiping Process

Given the intricate nature of repiping a home, it’s paramount to entrust this task to plumbers who know their stuff. At A O Dowd Plumbing Inc., we pride ourselves on providing expert, cost-effective repiping solutions. The longevity of your new piping system heavily depends on the quality of materials used, making the choice of pipes a critical decision. Repiping is no small undertaking, so ensuring it’s the right move is key before diving into such a comprehensive project.

Entrusting your home to skilled professionals for repiping can safeguard it against the ravages of leaks and contamination, ensuring your home’s water system runs smoothly for years to come. It’s about giving your home the care it deserves, ensuring safety, and peace of mind for you and your family.



Emergency plumbing service:

Emergency plumbing situations always have a knack for happening at the least convenient moments, don’t they? It’s like your plumbing system has its own agenda, oblivious to the fact that Thanksgiving is not the ideal time to start acting up and flooding your kitchen.

Common Plumbing Nightmares

      • Clogged Toilets: Ever faced a toilet that just won’t stop overflowing? It’s the kind of mess that can quickly escalate, potentially wreaking havoc on your floors. If your trusty plunger isn’t making any headway and water levels are rising, it’s time to call in the professionals.
      • Clogged Sinks: While a slow-draining sink might not scream emergency, it’s a problem that demands attention. If ignored, it can lead to an unwelcome pool of water spilling over your countertops and floors.
      • Burst Pipes: This one’s pretty straightforward – a pipe bursts, and suddenly you’re starring in your very own water disaster movie. The first step is to hit the water’s off switch and then get on the phone with a plumber, stat.

Lifesavers Tips In Emergency Situations

When disaster strikes, knowing where your home’s main water shut-off is located can be a game-changer. Turning off the water supply can be a crucial damage control step while you wait for emergency plumbing reinforcements to arrive, such as our fully insured technicians at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. who are always ready to jump into action.

Home repiping might sound like a big deal—and it is—but it’s often the hero your home needs when you’re facing an uptick in pesky leaks and plumbing issues.

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