Carbon Filtration

People like tasty water, clean water, and (maybe) even sparkling water. What they don’t like is dirty, smelly water. This is the sort of water that a carbon filtration system prevents. Carbon filters are popular. In fact, they are among the most widely-used devices for treating a household’s water supply. That’s because they are effective and cost-efficient. It’s simple to install and blocks the unpleasant contaminants that dirty your water. Call one of our water treatment specialists at (909) 684-1915 to learn more about what makes a carbon filtration system in Fontana, CA.

What Exactly Does a Carbon Filter … Filter?

Brown Water Coming Out of a Sink 

Contaminants in Your Water Supply Can Be a Mess to Clean Up without a Filter.

These filters are made of a tightly weaved mesh that traps all sorts of particles. They trap the simple minerals that give water a bad taste. More importantly, carbon filters will block harmful contaminants that seep into your water systems, such as chlorine, septic discharge, and colloidal iron. Working with a water purification system, it can also help remove bacteria and viruses.

Some of these harmful particles may be visible to the naked eye, but others require a water purity test to discover. Once your carbon filtration system captures them, they are systematically flushed out of your system. Only clean, delicious drinking water remains.

When to Get One

There’s never a wrong time to install a carbon filtration system. Ideally, you would install one before your water displays these symptoms of contamination. However, there are signs to let you know when your water needs immediate treatment. If your water begins to smell like chemicals, or if it has a musty odor, it’s time for a filter. Should you find any red or brown staining in your sink, it means your water is likely contaminated with iron.

Perks of Carbon Filtering

A Girl Holding a Glass of Water 

Many Homeowners Find Their Water Tastes Better after Installing a Filter.

With a carbon system filtering out extra minerals and bacteria, many homeowners find their water tastes noticeably better. They are very simple to install, and carbon filtration systems rarely require repair. The only upkeep required for a system is an occasional filter change.

Get your house filtered for fresher, better tasting water. Talk to one of our friendly treatment specialists at (909) 684-1915, and find your carbon filtration system in Fontana, CA. Be sure to also ask about our ozone purification systems.