Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks are dangerous! Small leaks may be more of an annoyance, but larger leaks can endanger your entire house. Learn the signs of a gas leak and schedule an inspection if you find one in your home. For all gas leak concerns and questions, contact a specialist at (909) 684-1915. At A O Dowd Plumbing Inc., we’re happy to provide peace of mind through gas leak detection services in Fontana, CA.

Signs of a Gas Leak

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Gas Leaks Can Be Expensive or Even Deadly. Have Possible Leaks Inspected.

Homes utilize either natural gas or propane gas. Both gases are potentially dangerous if a leak is left unfixed for an extended period of time. With the right ignition, these gases can cause fire or explosion. Normally, these gases are normally odorless. Thankfully, your gas company constantly strives to give you an advanced warning in the event of a leak, by combining their product with a rancid egg scent.

Despite this help from the gas company, some gas leaks still go undetected until your body starts to show visible signs of exposure. Symptoms of gas exposure include unusual fatigue, nausea, headaches, chest pain, dizziness or drowsiness, and irregular breathing. All of these symptoms can indicate a gas leak. If you experience any of these symptoms and can smell the scent of rotten egg, contact one of our plumbers immediately for an inspection and gas line repair.

How We Examine Homes for Gas Leaks

The inspection process for detecting gas leaks is very simple. Our plumbers use specialized equipment that detects the presence of natural or propane gas. When you reach out for an inspection, be sure to take note of where you first noticed the signs of a leak. Typically, they’ll be most noticeable in connections between gas pipes.

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Gas Leaks Often Smell Like Sulfur or Putrid Eggs. If You Find One, Call a Specialist!

Leaks can also be detected through another means: your gas bill. If your bill shows an unexplained increase in your gas usage, be on the lookout for that sulfuric smell. Most leaks are detected well before they become potentially fatal. Should you or a member of your house spot a gas leak, be safe and ask for an inspection.

To talk to a specialist and schedule your inspection, give us a call at (909) 684-1915. A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. is happy to provide timely gas leak detection services in Fontana, CA. Be sure to ask about our gas line installation services.