Reverse Osmosis System

Are you interested in improving the taste and purity of your water supply? We thought you might be! Reverse osmosis can remove nasty minerals from your system to produce fresh, tasty water. Talk to one of our water purification specialists  at (909) 684-1915, and learn more about our reverse osmosis water system in Fontana, CA.

What Does a Reverse Osmosis System Do?

Water Filter Tubing

A Reverse Osmosis System Removes Chemical Contaminates and Produces Tasty Water!

A reverse osmosis (RO) system uses regular water pressure to drive your tap water through a tight mesh filter, then additional filtration before impurities are finally flushed out of your system. What comes out of your faucet is purified, delicious water. No carbon or silt. No smelly sulfur; just clean water.

What Sort of Impurities Does It Remove?

A reverse osmosis system targets chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine. Scum from detergents and household cleaners is removed as well. Dangerous contaminants (such as lead) are also filtered out. Reverse osmosis will also block sulfates, nitrates, and pesticides. Talk to a specialist on how to detect these water quality problems.

How Complicated is the System?

This advanced water purification system is actually very small. As a result, it can be installed in your kitchen faucet or even in your refrigerator for ease of access. Little maintenance is needed, but service and parts replacement are cheap if required. Many types of reverse osmosis systems exist, leaving plenty of choices for homeowners to pick their preferred price and quality.

Reverse osmosis can be taken a step further as a whole house system that purifies your entire home’s water supply. Take out all the smelly, dirty water in all the showers and sinks. Now you have pure, decontaminated water that won’t clog up your faucet heads with calcite.

Why Pick a Reverse Osmosis System?

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Reverse Osmosis Removes Minerals in Water, Enhancing the Taste.

Do you regularly buy bottled water because your tap water tastes poorly? Reverse osmosis systems improve the taste of water so much, that thousands of homeowners skip the delivery service and simply drink from the tap. Try calculating how much money could you save if you paid pennies for every gallon of water you drink. Businesses can also benefit from reverse osmosis systems as an economical choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and drinking fountains.

At A O Dowd Plumbing Inc., we can help you find the water purification system that’s perfect for your home and budget. For more details on a reverse osmosis water system in Fontana, CA, talk to one of our purification specialists at (909) 684-1915.