Sewer Ejector Pump

For homeowners with sump basins, this ejector system is critical for daily bathroom and laundry room operation. It ensures that your wastewater is properly removed from your home’s sewage system, preventing harmful backflow and leakage. If you are a homeowner with a faulty sewer ejector pump system in Fontana, CA, call us and schedule repairs with a trusted sewage specialist at (909) 684-1915.

Homes that Require Ejector Pump Systems

Laundry Machines in the Basement

Basement Washers Send Their Waste Water to a Sump Basin and Sewer Ejector.

Homes with bathrooms or laundry rooms below the main sewer lines require sewer ejector pumps systems. These ejector pumps work with a sump basin to push wastewater back up to the main sewer or septic line. If you are considering installing a washer in the basement or building a bathroom beneath the main sewage line, you’ll want to consult a A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. plumber about what sort of ejector system will fit your home’s requirements.

Here’s how a sewer ejector pump system works. Wastewater from your home is pooled into the main sump basin, which typically contains up to 30 gallons of sewage. Once the sump basin reaches capacity, a float switch signals the ejector to cycle out the waste water up to your city sewer line or septic tank.

Causes of Ejector Pump System Failure

There are several possible sources of ejector system failure. Worn base plates can lead to leaks. Malfunctioning float switches may lead to your system activating too often or (worse) not often enough. Sometimes the system just becomes jammed. Some problems arise out of normal wear-and-tear. Others spawn from user error. For instance, installing a sump basin that’s too small can cause sewer ejector pumps to wear out prematurely in larger homes.

A Basement Filled with Pipes

A Sewer Ejector Pump System Operates Beneath the City Sewer or Septic Line.

Homeowners can mistake malfunctions in their sewer ejector pump system for damage to the septic tank or sewer line. It’s important to rely on the expertise of a specialist rather than guessing on personal judgment. If you encounter sewer backflow or pipe damage, contact one of our plumbers immediately before the problem becomes worse.

For repairs or installation for your sewer ejector pump system in Fontana, CA, talk to one of our specialists at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc.. Call (909) 684-1915 for a quote.