Lift Station Pump Repair

A lift station pump is a crucial part of any residential septic system. It is designed to pump wastewater vertically from a lower elevation to a higher elevation.  It consists of various parts such as the grinder pump, valves, pipes, the receiving well, a high water alarm, and a motor. Over time, pumps can get a buildup of grease, can become corroded, and could begin to leak. Sewage is also very corrosive and damages the septic lift pump over time. If a lift station overflows, it could become a source of pollution. To avoid smells, septic floods, or any other health concerns or violations, call the plumbers at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. at (909) 684-1915 so they can perform lift station pump repair in Fontana, CA. 

Lift Station Pumps Help Carry Wastewater Away to Higher Elevations.

Lift Station Pump Repair Problems?

There are some easily recognizable signs to tell if you need to get your lift station pump repaired. If you cannot hear the noise of wastewater being moved through the septic tank, your lift station pump could be broken. Most likely, the pipes are clogged or jammed. If you begin to smell odors or see leaks, the wastewater could be backing up into the septic tank from the lift station pump, which is from a broken valve. The motor can also get worn down and stop working. A telltale sign of that is if you hear vibrating or frequency changes whenever the lift station pump gets turned on and off. Leaking could also be caused by the septic tank adding water too fast. This does not signal the high water alarm and results in the lift station pump not having time to clear it. This causes overflow. Call A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. for your lift station pump repair.

Affordable Lift Station Pump Repair Service

When we come out to inspect your plumbing emergency, we will thoroughly check out the septic tank and see if any other pumps are damaged and need repair. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance here at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc., so you can trust that you are getting fair prices and quality repairs and installation from trained professionals. Call A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. today at (909) 684-1915 for lift station pump repair service in Fontana, CA.