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If you’re in the market for a new water heater system or grappling with repairs for your current unit, look no further. Our seasoned aodowd plumbers bring a wealth of experience to residential water heater challenges, ensuring your needs are always met with expertise and precision.

We take immense pride in our accessibility. Understanding that time is of the essence, we’re available at your convenience, guaranteeing swift and tidy solutions. Our mission? To swiftly resolve your plumbing issues, allowing you to resume your daily routine without the added stress of waiting on a plumber. We also offer swift replacements, ensuring you get a more efficient, robust system from a top-tier manufacturer like Raypak.

Covering an extensive area including Fontana, Rialto, and Bloomington, we’re your go-to for all kinds of boiler repair services. Trust us to bring you the best in heating and boiler solutions, available 24/7 for your utmost convenience.

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Raypak Boilers

Raypak has been one of the most trusted names in the heating business for over 70 years. They prize their heater technology with the latest environmental, efficient, and sustainable technology, they’ve cemented their status as an industry-respected brand.

At aodowdplumbing Company, we have extensive experience with a wide range of Raypak products, including Raytherm, Hi Delta, MVB, XTherm, XFyre boilers, and more. Our expertise enables us to provide superior service at competitive prices, ensuring your Raypak boiler operates at its best. Trust us to maintain the high standard of quality and efficiency that Raypak boilers are known for.

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Raypak Water Heaters

Raypak offers a versatile range of water heaters to cater to diverse needs, from private homes to industrial properties. Their selection includes:

Gas Water Heaters: Ideal if you have gas piping.

Electric Water Heaters: An efficient alternative for homes without gas.

Traditional Tank Water Heaters: Available in various sizes (30, 40, 50+ gallon capacities).

Tankless Water Heaters: For continuous hot water supply.

Hybrid Electric Models: Combining the best of both worlds.

Raypak’s water heaters, available in indoor and outdoor models, are designed with high-velocity circulation technology. This innovation helps combat scaling and corrosion, extending the service life of the heaters and offering better value for your investment.

Our expert technicians are ready to support your Raypak water heater with timely repairs and preventative maintenance. It’s crucial to be aware of common issues like leaks (from the top or bottom of the unit), insufficient hot water, excessively hot water, prolonged recovery time, or strange noises. These can be indicators of problems ranging from loose inlets or valves to faulty thermostats or heating elements.

Remember, attempting DIY repairs on water heaters can be risky and may lead to further damage. To ensure optimal performance and identify any underlying issues, it’s best to seek professional assistance. Our team is equipped to handle these complexities, ensuring your Raypak water heater operates efficiently and safely.

Raypak Pool & Spa Products

Raypak’s heaters keep your pool or spa perfectly warm. Whether you have gas, electric, or heat pump models, all of them feature user-friendly digital controls for that just-right temperature.

Raypak leads the game in energy efficiency, quiet operation, and rock-solid reliability. And here’s where we come in – The aodowdplumbing Company. We’re all about keeping your Raypak gear in tip-top shape. No job’s too small or big for us, whether it’s a cozy home pool or a large commercial one.

Need a hand with your pool heating system? Reach out to us on (909)-684-1915. We’re the best plumbers in fontana and are ready to tackle any issue head-on, ensuring your Raypak equipment is always up and running perfectly.


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