Water Treatment

water treatment

A Water Filtration System Will Clean Your Whole Homes Water.

When you think of the water that you are drinking at home, you don’t want to have any funny smells or tastes. Here at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc., we are ready and excited to make sure that the water you are using, is what it should be. By filtering out all the bad stuff that creates bad taste, smell, and things like limestone buildup, we are providing you with a better quality of water that you will feel better and safer about using. There are many different services that we provide like water softening, or whole house filtration systems. These kinds of systems, give you cleaner water that won’t be so hard on your clothes and skin. When you invest in these systems for your home, you are giving yourself better quality water and a better quality of life. If you are interested in talking to a professional plumber about out water treatment systems in Fontana, CA, give us a call at (909) 684-1915.

Benefits Of Water Treatment

Water Spots – You know those annoying water spots that show up on all your glass cups and shower door? Those will never fully go away unless you decide to change to soft water. By doing this, the soap will be able to fully dissolve and it won’t be so hard on your glass.

Longer Life Of Plumbing – Hard water does more damage than we even think it does. Over time, it will build up your piping system and reduce the flow of water inside and outside of the home. By softening the water, it won’t build up and it will actually run smoother through your pipes.

Better Tasting Water – When you get a filtration system, it takes the bacteria and chemicals out of the water. When you do this, you no longer can taste the iron or metal taste that sometimes comes along with tap water. It is also better quality water and you will see the benefits of this in the long run because you know what you are putting into your body.

Energy Efficiency – Some people wonder if making the change to soft water will increase their energy bill, but the truth is, changing to soft water will actually make your water heater run much more efficiently. Sometimes the change is a savings of 30 percent, which is huge considering you are getting better water out of it as well.

Call Our Professional Plumbers

water treatment

Give Your Family The Best Quality Of Water.

With all the benefits of water treatment in your home, it may to time to take the next step and give us a call. If you like having cleaner and better quality water in your home, call A O Dowd Plumbing Inc., today and talk to our professionals about how easy it is to get this system in your home right away. We want you to have the best quality of life and when you take care of your water, it will take care of you. If you think a water treatment service in Fontana, CA, is right for you, give us a call at (909) 684-1915. We will be more than happy to help you with all of your plumbing needs and wants. Below, are a list of the different services that we offer.

  • Water Filtration System When you want your water to be free of toxins, a filtration can be put anywhere you want in your home.
  • Whole House Water Treatment Systems To clean your homes entire water system from toxins, a whole house water treatment can be installed and you can start living healthier.
  • Water Softeners Softer water has so many benefits including, stopping water spots, longer lifespan of your plumbing, and even energy efficiency.
  • Ozone Water PurificationSystems A purification system that will clean your water and clear it from harmful toxins is easier to get than you could imagine.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Systems By cleaning your water in a whole new way, we are able to effectively give you better quality water in your home.
  • Carbon Filtration System There are many different types of water filtration systems, each one doing something slightly different than the other.
  • City & Drinking Water Treatment Having clean water straight from the tap is so important for your health. Have peace of mind in your water.
  • Water Purification System Clean water will make you feel better and have peace of mind that you know what is going into your body.
  • Water Quality Problems Is your water smelling or tasting funny? Have it tested and see what you have been putting into your body.