Fixture Installation Repair

Fixture Installation

A Modern Bathroom Style

Upgraded Fixtures Can Significantly Improve the Value of Your Home.

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s water fixtures? Keeping your sink and faucets in working order not only lets you avoid the hassle of water damage, but it also allows you to improve your home’s property value.

While these upgrades and repairs can be frustrating for a homeowner to try to install by themselves, it’s easy for a professional. For all your projects and questions about water fixture installation in Fontana, CA, talk to one of our specialists at (909) 684-1915.

Install Upgraded Fixtures

Home improvement is often treated like a wish more than a tangible goal. Renovations can be expensive, so many homeowners quit before they even start. Your home’s water fixtures, however, offer an accessible venue for improvement and an immediate return on invested value. You can transform your kitchen and bathrooms with the right sink and faucet. Why settle for a forgettable or distasteful bathroom design? Start your renovations with a distinguished sink and faucet design that serves your daily needs and impresses your guests.

When it comes to your bathtub, shower arrangement, and toilet, the smartest homeowners play the long game. These fixtures represent a significant investment, both in your home’s value and your monthly water costs. Are your tub and toilet costing you an arm and a leg each month in water bills? Here’s a more important question: are these fixtures leaking and causing water damage or termite activity? You can protect your home with a simple inspection. Talk to one of our plumbers about any tub or shower leaks, and see how much money you could be saving by updating your toilets.

Guaranteed Excellence in Fixture Repair

A Black and White Style Sink

Improve the Value of Your Bathrooms Without Having to Worry about Leaks.

Have you ever talked to a friend or family member that attempted to install a sink or shower system themselves, only to have it break down later? With a professional installation, you don’t have to worry about leaky pipes or crooked fixtures. Our certified plumbers provide effective repairs and quality installation. Extend the life of your current fixtures. Transform your home into a brand new design. Either way, A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. is standing by to help.

Talk to one of our experienced plumbers today about fixture installation in Fontana, CA. Give us a call at (909) 684-1915 and start increasing your home’s value. Be sure to also ask about doubling your hot water supply with a water heater booster.