Pressure Tank Installation

Have you experienced weak pressure throughout your well water system? Have you recently decided to take advantage of your well water? Make sure your pressure tank is in working order. For repairs or pressure tank installation in Fontana, CA, call one of our expert plumbers at (909) 684-1915.

The Function of a Pressure Tank

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Your Water Supply Depends on a Properly Working Pressure Tank.

The tank does much more than store water! Your pressure tank works in tandem with your well pump and pressure switch to circulate water throughout your home. A pressure tank uses compact air to push water out of storage into your pipes for household use.

A quality pressure tank will help extend the life of your well pump by reducing the number of times the pump motor needs to activate throughout the day. The tank also regulates household water pressure and rebalances it in case the pressure drops too low. When selecting a pressure tank for your home, be sure to consider the number of water outlets your well system will be supporting. An experienced plumber will also ask about your well pump’s GPM (gallons per minute) when helping you select a pressure tank that’s right for your needs.

Signs of Breakdown in a Pressure Tank

If your pump’s motor cycles on and off too frequently throughout the day, your pressure tank may be the cause of the malfunction. There are a few different causes of pressure tank malfunction.

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A Quality Pressure Tank Extends the Life of Your Well Pump.

Weakened Air Charge. Proper air pressure is required for your tank to function properly. Without compressed air to drive water out of the tank, your well won’t be able to provide prompt water distribution throughout the house. You can check your pressure tanks psi level and compare it to the cut-in pressure. Talk to a plumber if you don’t feel comfortable rebalancing your air pressure.

Waterlogged Tank. Sediments or excessive chlorine can weaken your pressure tank’s water bladder, causing it swell with too much water. Certain chemicals and excessive moisture can also corrode and create rust on your pressure tank. If you are worried about contaminants in your water system, talk to a specialist about a water softener for your well.

If your pressure tank has broken down, or you are looking to install for the first time, talk to one of our expert plumbers at (909) 684-1915. For quality pressure tank installation in Fontana, CA, you can trust A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. to take care of your well water system!