Water Heater Inspection

Water Heater Inspection

Plumber Performing a Water Heater Inspection

If Your Hot Water Heater Shows These Signs of Breakdown, Give Us a Call.

Your water heater is perhaps the most important part of every warm bath and hot shower you take throughout the years. Water heaters can last over a decade with proper maintenance. All water heaters break down over time, however, and can cause serious damage if not serviced in a timely manner. If your heater is showing signs of wear and tear, contact one of our plumbers for a water heater inspection in Fontana, CA. Call us at (909) 684-1915 and schedule your inspection.


Signs Your Water Heater is Breaking Down

Your water heater is leaking. High water pressure can cause your heater to leak. If left unfixed, high pressure can damage water appliances like your toilet, dishwasher, and washing machine. Check the gauge on the water heater and make sure that the pressure doesn’t go higher than 60 psi during the day.

The heater is producing rusty water. Your water heater may develop rust over the years without consistent maintenance. Rusting can degrade your heater to the point of structural failure. If you find spot rust or milky water coming out of your hot water pipes, call for an inspection immediately. A plumber will be able to tell if this rust is coming from your water heater or a deteriorated pipeline.

A Rusty Sink or Rusty Water

Rusty Water from Your Heater Lets You Know to Call a Plumber.

You hear banging or rumbling from your water heater. Sediment (like silt or sand) accumulates in your water system over time, including your heater. These contaminants wear down the inside lining of your water heater and constrict flow. This means lower efficiency (higher energy usage) and increased risk of cracking. Next time you run a shower or do a load of laundry, listen for any unusual banking in your water heater.

You see a drop in hot water capacity. A large buildup of sediments can also decrease your tank capacity. This is probably the most common symptom. If your family is running out of hot water much faster than usual, it’s time to have a water heater inspection.

Don’t wait for the hot water to run out. If you witness any of these signs of breakdown, contact one of our plumbers at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. as soon as possible. Call us at (909) 684-1915 and schedule a water heater inspection in Fontana, CA.