Plumbing Company In Redlands CA

Plumbing Company in Redlands, CA


Our Plumbers Will Go Above And Beyond For You.

You deserve experienced and informed plumbers and that’s what you will recieve when you call A O Dowd Plumbing Inc.. We have excellent plumbers that will not rest until you are satisfied with your service. We make certain that you are completely satisfied with our services. We make sure to be respectful of you and your home. Plumbing issues are frustrating, but we understand this and will have them taken care of. Our technicians will be on time and work hard to get the service done swiftly. We want to make sure you are happy. Call (909) 684-1915 if you need the most experienced plumbing contractor in Redlands, CA.

Plumbing Services

We would like to be sure you stay away from the plumbers that deceive and tell you that you should have a service you do not. Our plumbers will always be upfront and truthful with you. Everything that we do, we will describe it to you before. That being stated, we will not ever begin a job without asking your approval first. All of our plumbers are trained and have on the job experience with every single repair that we offer. You won’t ever have to worry that your plumber does not know what they are doing. A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. will provide you the finest quality and care. We will earn your faith in Redlands, CA.

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We Provide Many Services For Your Convenience.

We have the top of the line technicians here at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc.. We are different than other companies because we are courteous, on schedule, and care about what we are doing. You can consistently count on our technicians. We depend on your satisfaction to keep us going. We can take care of most plumbing issue. Plumbers repair so much more than work on pipes. Whatever your plumbing needs in Redlands, CA, we can assist you. If you need assistance with picking out the right water heater or getting your gas lines fixed, give us a call at (909) 684-1915 and we will make sure that we are there for you.

Clogged Drain Repairs

Clogged Drain Repairs


A Clogged Drain Can Be Repaired By One Of Our Professionals.

Clogged drains occur in every house, even if you are cautious. You will probably have this issue occur at one time or another. A plumber will usually have this issue taken care of within an hour or two. There are a few ways that a clog can come out if some tries are unsuccessful. With a few simple things that you possibly have at home, you can try to take the clog out yourself. Wire hangers can be used to try to push the clog free or even pulled out of the drain. You may also be able to use cleaning supplies that will dissolve the clog if it is small enough.

Water Heater Replacements

Water Heater Replacements


We Can Usually Have Your Water Heater Installed The Same Day.

Choosing a new water heater can be a hard choice.. There are a few choices out there and they all vary in their own way. For something that will save you money, a tankless water heater could be right, but if you have a bigger family, a gas water heater will work the best for you. If you want an electric water heater, it is usually cheaper to buy in upfront. There are also many brands to choose through. We will assist you in any way we can. We can help you pick the right one for you and get it put in correctly.

  • Tankless Water Heater Repair  Tankless water heaters are energy efficient because they do not heat your water until you want it.
  • Tank Water Heater Replacement  If you need to swap out your tank water heater, we will get it done for you usually during the same day.
  • Gas Water Heater  A gas water heater will heat your families water faster than all the other heating systems.
  • Electric Water Heater  An electric water heater is energy efficient and is cheaper at upfront cost.
  • Water Heater Inspection  Your water heater can be inspected at any point by a plumber to make sure it is working properly.
  • High Recovery Water Heaters  Water heaters should consistently give you hot water when you want it and this one will.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters  Your heat pump water heater is a great addition to any home that might need an extra push in their hot water.
  • Hot water Heater Boosters  A boost in your water heater is a great way to keep yourself from getting trapped with cold water.

Slab Leak Repairs & Leak Detection

Slab Leak Repairs & Leak Detection


Keep Your House Looking Its Best And Get Your Slab Leak Repaired!

A slab leak is tough to locate which can be annoying and expensive. These types of leaks are sometimes hard to locate on your own and even with a plumber, sometimes. There is not a reason you should be trapped doing this alone, so we are here to help you. If it isn’t taken care of, it can end up causing serious damage to your house. Over time, cracking can occur and mold will start to move around your home. The issue with this is that when you end up having a leak that causes damage, you are stuck paying for both of them instead of just having to pay to fix the leak. Our technicians have what it takes to get the issue fixed fast.

  • Slab Leak Detection  Looking for a slab leak is difficult because they are often hard to find, but our professionals can help.
  • What is a Slab Leak?  A slab leak is something you need to take very seriously and will need to have fixed right away to avoid damage.

Whole House Plumbing Repiping

Whole House Plumbing Repiping


Sometimes Pipes Give Out and Need To Be Replaced.

The problems with older homes is that the piping is typically really old as well. The piping systems in old homes have to be replaced at times because they begin to have issues. Because they are underground, there isn’t really any way to get to them unless something is wrong and should be changed out. If you start to see that your water has a brown color and that it tastes like rusty metal, this could be a sign that your piping systems are needing to be switched out. It might just be time that your home is needing to be repiped. In order to keep living in that house, it is important that you have this taken care of. If you wait to have your house repiped, you could experience things like pipe bursting or leaking which can wind up causing other large damage later on. Just call one of our plumbers and they will take care of it all for you.


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