Plumbing Company In Mentone CA

Plumbing Company in Mentone, CA


Our Plumbers Will Go Above And Beyond For You.

A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. is the team to call if you need informed and experienced plumbers. We have great plumbers that won’t stop until you are satisfied with your experience. Our main goal is to make certain that you are satisfied with your whole experience. We make sure to be respectful of you and your house. We understand your irritation and will make sure to handle it for you. The job can be resolved rapidly and we will make sure we are always on time. We will do anything we can to be certain you are satisfied with our work. Call (909) 684-1915 if you need the best plumbing contractor in Mentone, CA.

Plumbing Services

When it comes to plumbing, we want to make sure you are not ever taken advantage of. Our plumbers will consistently be upfront and honest with you. We will always explain and describe to you what we are working on so that you comprehend what we are doing. Before we begin we will ask your authorization first. All of our technicians are experienced and have on the job experience with every single service that we provide. Do not worry, our plumbers always know what they are doing. When you need quality and care, A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. is the place for you. If you want a group of experts in Mentone, CA, we will be the ones to gain your trust.

  • Emergency Plumbing Repairs  Plumbing emergencies are overwhelming, but we are there for you when that happen.
  • Main Water Line Repairs  A main water line will leave that part of the ground flooded and should be taken care of immediately.
  • Broken Pipe Repair  A broken pipe can end up causing more problems to the reminder of your plumbing system if it is not taken care of.
  • Backflow Testing and Repair  Check for and fix your backflow issue with no problems at all by one of our professional technicians.
  • Plumbing Video Camera Inspection  Having a pipe inspection with a camera is a great way to efficently find out where a pipe problem is at.
  • Whole House Repiping  We will repipe your entire home and have your piping system up to date and working properly again.

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We Provide Many Services For Your Convenience.

We have the best of the best technicians here at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc.. We have the training and experience that separates us from other companies. Whatever you want, we can provide it for you. We won’t stop until you are satisfied because your business means everything to us. We can handle almost any plumbing problems. Plumbers do much more than just fix sinks. If it requires plumbing in Mentone, CA, we will handle it. Call us at (909) 684-1915 when you want assistance choosing a water heater or fixing a gas line.

Clogged Drain Repairs

Clogged Drain Repairs


A Clogged Drain Can Be Repaired By One Of Our Professionals.

Clogged drains happen in every home, even if you are careful. Chances are that if you are a homeowner, you will probably run into this issue at least once. There is good news though, it is something that is easily fixed. When you call a professional plumber, they will be able to use a few different techniques in order to get the clog out of the drain. If you want to try to get this out on your own, you might already have the tools for it. If you own a wire hanger, you may be able to put it down into your drain and either puncture the clog or pull it out entirely. A few cleaning products might even dissolve the clog if it is small.

Water Heater Replacements

Water Heater Replacements


We Can Usually Have Your Water Heater Installed The Same Day.

It can be difficult to choose a new water heater.. There are a couple options out there and they all vary in their own way. For something that will save you energy, a tankless water heater might be right, but if you have a bigger family, a gas water heater will work better for you. If you want an electric water heater, it is usually less expensive to buy in initially. There are many varying brands to pick from also. We want to help you in any way we can. It will be installed correctly for you so you never have to worry that it wasn’t done right.

  • Tankless Water Heater Repair  A tankless water heater takes a bit longer to heat up your water because it does not heat it up until you are preapring to use it.
  • Tank Water Heater Replacement  If you need to swap out your tank water heater, we can get it done for you usually during the same day.
  • Gas Water Heater  A gas water heater will heat your families water quicker than all the other heating systems.
  • Electric Water Heater  Electric water heaters are good for heating your water quickly and having a lesser upfront cost.
  • Water Heater Inspection  Your water heater can be inspected at any point by a plumber to be sure it is working correctly.
  • High Recovery Water Heaters  A water heater that will give you hot water no matter when you need it is a high recovery water heater.
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters  Get hot water while saving about twice the amount of energy using a heat pump water heater.
  • Hot water Heater Boosters  Boosting your hot water heater will ensure that you never run out of hot water in any circumstance.

Slab Leak Repairs & Leak Detection

Slab Leak Repairs & Leak Detection


Keep Your House Looking Its Best And Get Your Slab Leak Repaired!

Slab leaks are frustrating and can be expensive to have repaired. These kinds of leaks are sometimes difficult to find on your own and even with a technician, at times. As experts, we can help you find out where this leak is coming from. If it is not taken care of, it may end up causing serious harm to your house. Over time, cracking can happen and mold will begin to move around your house. You will wind up having to pay more in the end for this because you will be paying for two things. We have the resources and the experience to be able to discover the leak and get it repaired for you as fast as possible so that no more problems happen.

  • Slab Leak Detection  Discovering a slab leak can be difficult, but a professional plumber will be able to help you find it and get it fixed fast.
  • What is a Slab Leak?  A slab leak is when your pipes under your slab are leaking and can cause serious water damage to your house.

Whole House Plumbing Repiping

Whole House Plumbing Repiping


Sometimes Pipes Give Out and Need To Be Replaced.

The problems with old homes is that the pipes are probably really old as well. Over time, even if a house is taken the best care of, the pipes will still begin to age. It is hard to do something about your piping system because they are underground. Brown water with a metal smell is usually a sign that your pipes need to be looked at. It might just be time that your house needs to be repiped. This may seem overwhelming, but if you are planning to stay in that house for a long time, it is crucial that your pipes be up to date and of good quality or you will continue to have issues. By waiting on this problem you are setting yourself up for a bursting pipe or a leak later on. Just call one of our technicians and they can take care of it all for you.