Slab Leak Repair

What Is A Slab Leak?

As a homeowner, you’ve likely heard the phrases slab leak thrown around before, and you may be wondering what that is, precisely. This page will discuss exactly what a slab leak is, and why it is essential to fix it as quickly as possible. We’ve created this section for anyone who’s ever wondered to themselves, what’s a slab leak in Fontana, CA! As it’s so aptly named, slab leaks are when the pipes in your home’s slab develop a leak. The foundation is in danger of developing additional problems as the slab leak becomes worse. We find and fix slab leaks here at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc., and we look forward to helping you! Order the plumbing services you need now by contacting us at (909) 684-1915! There are plenty of things that can display the existence of a slab leak underneath your house.

Indications of a Slab Leak

Slab Leak

Keep Your House In It’s Best Shape Possible!

Though we know ourselves to be great plumbers, we cannot prevent the earth from shifting around the slab, so slab leaks are sometimes completely unavoidable. Your house’s susceptibility to slab leaks is largely dependent on the weather patterns and soil in your community. As an example, soils that are composed of a lot of clay are more susceptible to cause significant shifting, due to the extreme amount of expansion it goes through in dry or wet times. Your easiest approach to these stressful issues is to keep an eye on your water bill for any discrepancies. If your water cost suddenly spikes, and you haven’t changed your usage, this is a clear indication of a concealed leak, which may be in the foundation. Modern day methods for finding slab leaks are meant to be non-invasive, so you can find the leak quickly, with minimal residual issues.

Slab Leak Repair Specialists

The technicians at A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. are trained and able plumbers with plenty of experience offering a variety of plumbing services. If you want to learn how to find a slab leak, don’t hesitate to call our professionals. If you want a plumber with budget-friendly costs to handle your slab leak problems in Fontana, CA, we’re the crew you can depend on. To speak to a professional, contact us now at (909) 684-1915!