Leak Repair

Underground Water Pipe Leak Repair

Leaks in your underground pipe can be difficult to spot at first. The damage caused however can be extensive. Underground leaks endanger a home’s foundation and cause significant internal damage when left unfixed. If you’ve detected a leak somewhere in your yard or beneath your slab, call our plumbers at (909) 684-1915 for underground water pipe leak repair in Fontana, CA.

Side Effects of an Underground Leak

A Cracking Foundation

Pipe Leaks Beneath the Soil or Slab Can Lead to Terrible Foundation Damage.

New homeowners often fail to realize the dangers of an underground pipe leak. Yard leaks, caused by earthquakes or soil-chemical erosion can wash away the dirt surrounding your home’s foundation. Exposing the foundation leaves it vulnerable to rainfall and cracking. Cracked yard pipes can also allow a buildup of minerals and soil in your plumbing system, potentially causing significant damage and repair costs.

Leaks in your slab will cause serious foundation damage if left alone. Water from damaged underground pipes seeps through your foundation and into the home. Common consequences of these leaks include soaked carpet, warped hardwood flooring, wood rot, and mold growth. If you suspect a leak in a slab-connected pipe, contact a specialist for immediate inspection and repairs.

Detecting an Underground Leak

The prospect of an underground leak is nerve-wracking. Thankfully, there are simple ways for you to detect the presence of a leak. Increased water usage is the most obvious sign of a leak. Your monthly bill and your water meter will both tell you if your water usage has increased unexpectedly.

A Home's Water Meter

Your Water Meter Will Tell You if There is a Leak in Your Pipes.

Try turning off all water appliances in your home. After you’re sure all appliances are off, check to see if your water meter still shows water usage. Smaller leaks may take additional time to detect, but you can easily spot them with a little patience. When you walk back through the house, be sure to keep an ear open for the sound of water flow. This will give you an idea of where your inspector should start looking. You may even discover the leak is coming from a more accessible pipe inside your home or near your main plumbing line.

If you’ve found or suspect an underground leak beneath your home, call A O Dowd Plumbing Inc. at (909) 684-1915. Our experienced plumbers provide prompt inspections and underground water pipe leak repair in Fontana, CA.